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October 18, 2022
Latest company news about SMART LIGHT BOX-LEASE

Smart light box - lease


latest company news about SMART LIGHT BOX-LEASE  0
It will certainly become a trend that smart light boxes replace traditional light boxes in the exhibition rental market. For the exhibition
With the scene, the smart light box has the following obvious advantages!
1、 Beautiful display
Traditional light box: ordinary appearance, inkjet imaging, canvas presentation, poor visual effect, low resolution,
Unreal picture sense; The display lamp source is uneven, the brightness index is low, and color deviation is easy to form; Use painting for a long time
Cloth yellows easily; The display screen is single, and the display content is limited. It can only be displayed in static images, which is easy to produce vision
Smart light box: fashionable and generous appearance, 2K 4K high-definition image quality, high brightness index, and support for multiple file formats
Horizontal/vertical screen play, support the light box rotation function and display split screen play function, and can be dynamically displayed on the screen,
The visual effect is shocking; It can be displayed in static pictures, or combined with unlimited video, text and dynamic materials
Show that the sound and picture co-exist, customers can be attracted in far away places, so that customers can stay and inspire
Customers want to buy!
2、 Convenient operation
Traditional light box: It is troublesome to change the advertising content. Once the content of the poster in the light box is wrong or deleted
Re spraying, installation and replacement, and installation and replacement require personnel to arrive at the site, which cannot achieve convenient use and high frequency
Smart light box: equipped with network interface, 4G Internet of Things card, which can be edited through the background computer, and advertising can be released in the cloud,
Change pictures and videos at any time to shorten the waiting time. The information content can be updated and released in real time and can be determined
On/off, intelligent standby, remote wake-up, no need to go to the scene.
3、 Economical and durable
Traditional light box: the replacement content requires design, painting/printing, and canvas replacement, with long production cycle and installation method
Single, inconvenient to move, use, maintain after installation, high labor cost, large power consumption, and general durability.
Smart light box: no cost is required for replacing the content. It is made of LCD, sheet metal and other non incineration materials
It has a certain strength and hardness, and is moisture-proof, rust proof, moth proof, long service life, very durable, and low maintenance cost;
Efficient installation, no maintenance cost, customized, purchased and leased.