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August 17, 2022

The concept of a vertical advertising machine has literally described its shape. The so-called vertical is the form that stands on the ground. The industry understands it as a floor-standing advertising machine, a vertical advertising machine and other concepts, which can have a horizontal screen. Vertical and vertical screen vertical design appearance, etc.

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1. Main control computer (Media Server) control: Connect to one or more main control computers (Media Server) in the local area network, and can send commands at any time to control one or more groups of advertising machines independently.

2. Automatic download and play: The advertising machine can download various advertisement clips from the main control computer (Media Server) at will or according to the preset "task table", and automatically play after the download is completed.

3. Scheduled download and scheduled play: The advertising machine works automatically according to the pre-edited parameters such as sleep, startup time, scheduled download time, and scheduled play time.

4. Scrolling notification display: Horizontal scrolling text characters can be displayed at the bottom of the screen, which is convenient for various occasions where text notification is required. The display content can be updated at any time through the host computer (Media Server).

5. Support RSS news feed: It can automatically connect to Sina, Sohu, CNN and other websites to get real-time news, which is displayed in the scrolling notification area at the bottom of the screen.

6. Abundant control commands: create group and user account/ play/ stop/ volume setting/ turn on and off video output/ restart/ shut down/ format CF card/ send text notification/ send RSS news/ send playlist/ send Automatically download and play commands / read CF card status, capacity, file name, etc.

8. Real-time text scrolling information can be released remotely, such as promotional information, meeting notices, special information, tracing notices, supply and demand information, new product listing information, etc. Temporary subtitles or pictures can be inserted remotely at will. It can realize split screen playback and realize business diversification.

9. Real-time automatic detection and monitoring of the advertising machine can be performed remotely and a detection status report can be formed. At the same time, fault information can be automatically sent to the designated mailbox (optional).

10. The content, times, and time of advertisements played by the advertisement machine can be counted in real time remotely, and a statistical report can be formed to provide the advertisement buyer as a credential for calculating the advertisement cost.

11. Internet advertising and common access methods include wired access, wifi access, 3G access, bluetooth access, etc. The most convenient way to access is wifi access.

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TVISION vertical advertising display:

TVISION Vertical Advertising Display|Digital Signage adopts decoding and driving. The main chip is the most advanced RK3288/A760 in the market. These chips are the leading analog TV chip series products in China, and are widely used in LCD of major brands (including domestic and Japanese and Korean brands). on TV. The company is the first in the industry to apply it to digital photo frames, advertising machines and other products. Compared with traditional LCD driver chips such as DVD chips, this solution has obvious advantages in function, performance and price.

TVISION Vertical Advertising Display|Digital Signage Decoding Driver Board can use Japanese rubycon (ruby) electrolytic capacitors, American MPS and Taiwan DIODES power chips, and has reserved sufficient redundancy in the design. Other peripheral components and connectors also use reliable and high-quality products produced by large companies to ensure long-term stable operation of this product.

TVISION vertical advertising Display | digital signage decoding driver board can directly drive the LCD screen of LVDS interface. Supports 90-degree and 270-degree rotation of the menu, which can be easily used for vertical advertising machines. And it supports 180-degree rotation of the screen and menu, and can directly install the LCD screen in reverse, effectively solving the problem that the lower viewing angle of the small-sized screen is worse than the upper viewing angle. With a powerful digital audio amplifier, it can provide 2 × 10W output power. The built-in fan switch control system can start and stop the cooling fan according to the set temperature.

TVISION Vertical Advertising Player|Digital Signage WINDOWS 10 OS can use Inter Core I3-I7 graphics card, so that TVISION Vertical Advertising Player|Digital Signage itself can be equipped with more software to meet the needs of different customers, customers can customize or develop their own Software, both practical and safe to play advertisements, data storage, data display.

TVISION Vertical Advertising Machine|Digital Signage also support Android 9.0 OS to meet some customers who need to develop APP, if customers want both, we can also customize Dual System.

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Why do customers choose us?

Advantages of TVISION Advertising Digital Signage

The first major advantage: TVISION, an elite team with twelve years of experience in the sign industry, carefully crafted and checked at every level.

The second major advantage: TVISION has fully automatic precision CNC machining center, laser cutting equipment, 100,000-level dust-free surface treatment workshop and advanced equipment such as constant temperature and constant temperature combustion drying room.

The third major advantage: using first-class imported raw materials, non-yellowing, stable, uniform light transmission; using imported large chips, high-brightness light source, low light decay, low heat generation, and long life.

The fourth major advantage: the full implementation of the production equipment configuration of the assembly line, the streamlined staffing and the international management mode, which ensures the stability of the product quality and the accurate and fast delivery time.

Shenzhen TVISION Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the most professional advertising design and production companies in China. The company's business scope currently covers the world. The company relies on its own media resource advantages to take root in Taizhou, market-oriented, continuous innovation, and pursuit of excellence. , to provide customers with the largest and most effective media platform. In order to further expand the market, our company constantly improves and enhances the quality of services, ensures the quality of products, and strives to make every customer satisfied. This is our goal. We will always serve customers with integrity, professional technology and flexible ways.


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